Stony Creek in Utica, Michigan is a church committed to living the great truths of the Bible in our everyday lives. At the heart of this is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. If you're curious about our vision, mission, beliefs, etc., we invite you to check out the rest of our site, or better yet, visit us on a Sunday morning.

Stony Creek Church was founded in 1991 and belongs to the North American Baptist Conference (or NAB). We value this affiliation because it provides a venue for wider fellowship, service, and accountability with others in the Body of Christ. (For more information about the NAB, check out And yet each NAB church is self-governed and considered autonomous. The focus at Stony Creek is not on labels or denominational differences but on Jesus Christ and the advance of His kingdom. You’ll find people at Stony from a large variety of backgrounds—religious and non-religious. All are welcome and accepted. In this sense there is a genuine interdenominational atmosphere at Stony Creek. Our common bond is not found in human institutions but in Jesus Christ.