As a church, our desire is to know God's love and make it known. Our style is contemporary, upbeat, and inspirational. The message we share is as relevant today as it was when Jesus taught it 2000 years ago!

9:30AM - Teaching Service
11:00AM - Worship Service

7:00PM - Connection Nights
Kid's Awana, Youth Ministry, Adult groups

45835 Van Dyke Avenue | Utica MI 48317 | Ph 586-731-5544

Sunday, October 2 - 9:30AM
TEACHING SERVICE - "Counter Culture - 1st Corinthians"

Sunday, October 2 - 11:00AM
MAIN SERVICE - "The Making of a Leader"

Coming Up the next few weeks...
Sunday, October 9 - 9:30AM - TEACHING SERVICE
"Counter Culture -1st Corinthians"

Sunday, October 9 - 11:00AM - MAIN SERVICE
"Dealing with Doubt"
With special guest, Dr. Gary Habermas